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IISERB/ SP /2016-17/392 dated 01/07/2016 Empanelment to Advertising Agencies Stores and purchase Office 18-Jul-2016
IISERB/ SP /2016-17/391 dated 01/07/2016 DEEP FREEZER -25C. Qty 1 Stores and purchase office 15-Jul-2016
IISERB/SP/2016-17/389 dated 01/07/2016 Hiring of Ambulance Stores and purchase office 15-Jul-2016
NIQ No.1044 Dt. 28.06.2016 Construction of IISER Bhopal Package-I SH Development works Horticulture SW Labour supply for garden development and plantation works Institute Works Department 02-Jul-2016
IISERB/ SP /2016-17/346 dt 23/06/2016 Analog Trainer Kit 60 Nos. and Digital Trainer Kit 40 Nos. Stores and purchase office 15-Jul-2016
IISERB/ SP /2016-17/327 Electrochemical Workstation Stores and purchase office 04-Jul-2016
IISERB/ SP/2016-17/320 Desktop Computers for IISER Berhampur Stores and purchase office 08-Jul-2016