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IWD/NIT/SE/2016-17/14 dated 8.7.16 Construction of IISER Bhopal SH Construction of semi-permanent store at the back of IWD Building. Civil internal electrical work 0755 6692508 28-Jul-2016
EOI 13 setting up 500KWp ROOF TOP SOLAR POWER PLANT AT IISER CAMPUS 07556692350 28-Jul-2016
IISERB/SP/2016-17/481 dt 22/07/2016 refrigerated console incubator shaker Qty 1 a -86C ultra-low temperature freezer Qty 1 refrigerated table-top centrifuge with swinging bucket rotors compatible buckets and inserts Qty 2 and refrigerated micro-centrifuge with rotor Qty 2. Stores and purchase office 05-Aug-2016
IISERB/ SP /2016-17/475 dt 21/07/2016 Table Top Centrifuge And Microfuge With Pipettes Stores and purchase Office 05-Aug-2016
IISERB/ SP /2016-17/474 dt 21/07/2016 Plant Growth Light Racks Qty 8 for e-Tenders Stores and purchase office 04-Aug-2016
IISERB/Proprietary/2016-17/449 dated 15/07/2016 Purchase of Diamond Cutter wheel DWH 4122 Diamond Wheel- 4x0.12- Medium/High Stores and purchase office 01-Aug-2016
IWD/e-NIQ/SE/2016-17/1142 dated 18.07.16 Site Testing of 2500 KVA 33/0.433 KV Transformers ABB Make 33 KV VCB 1250 Amps / 630 Amps 6 Panel Switch Board and 12 volts lead acid stationary battery and Battery charger installed at ESS-1 IISER Bhauri Bhopal. 0755 6692508 27-Jul-2016
IISERB/ SP /2016-17/445 Dt 14/07/2016 Stereo zoom fluorescence microscope Stores and purchase Office 29-Jul-2016
IISERB/ SP /2016-17/396 dated 04/07/2016 Analytical and Semi-prep HPLC system Qty 1 Stores and purchase office 27-Jul-2016